Enjoy the good life. Enjoy a massage.


35min €30 | 60min €50 | 70min €60

Forget everything and fully unwind with a wonderful relaxation massage. This massage is characterized by slow strokes and stretching with the aim of pleasant relaxation.

Head - Neck - Shoulders

30min €35 | 40min €35

Who doesn't know it in times of stress: stuck shoulders, a neck that blocks and pressure on the head. With this massage you will feel very relaxed afterwards.


25min €30 | 35min €45 | 60min €65

Experience the warmth of the volcano stones in combination with massage grips that bring your body to a total state of relaxation.


25min €30 | 40min €35 | 60min €60

Combi, the word says it all, is a mix of different massage techniques. It is a wonderfully relaxing massage that is slightly different for every masseur. Be surprised.


30min €30 | 40min €35 | 60min €60

Dream away with this relaxing massage where you will be massaged with a delicious, essential oil of your choice.

Sport Massage

25min € 25 35min €3545min € 45

Is a massage that is firmly and more focused on the muscles with the aim of blood flow through the muscles and therefore the waste faster from the muscle tissue to remove. This improves that condition and injuries will recover faster. This massage is also suitable for non-athletes.


25min €30 | 35min €40 | 60min €60 | 90min €75

Although pregnancy is a beautiful and special time, it is also a time that brings all sorts of changes in the physical and mental area. This pregnancy massage is therefore based on a holistic vision in which people are approached in their entirety. In addition to a relaxing effect, the massages also have an energetic effect and offer true relief for pregnant women. They lead to better blood circulation, smoother muscles, relieve back pain and pelvic complaints, they ensure a better night's rest and reduce stress.

Chair massage

15min €15 | 20min €20 | 25min €25

There are many good reasons for taking a chair massage. Although a chair massage only lasts between 15 and 20 minutes, the effect is very profound. Using the pressure point massage techniques, the accumulated tension in the neck, shoulders, back, arms and head is massaged loosely. Chair massage stimulates blood circulation, which promotes the supply of nutrients and oxygen, while at the same time the waste in the body is better removed. The immune system also gets a boost. A short chair massage relaxes and gives new energy. Apart from the fact that chair massage can alleviate problems due to stress, it also has a preventive effect.

Deep Tissue - Triggerpoint

25min €25 | 35min €35 | 45min €45

Deep tissue massage (similar to Swedish massage) uses deeper pressure to reduce recurring muscle tension and achieve lower muscle layers. The goal is to relax the muscles, and this goal is often achieved.

Massage room and rules

The modern Flowing Hands studio: Beauty Detox Massage has solid massage tables and a perfectly seated massage chair. We apply the following rules for the massage:

We use clean towels for every client. If you prefer to use your own, this is of course also possible. We also appreciate it if every client is clean or showered before the massage treatment.
The practice is not for giving erotic massages.
If you are already being treated by a doctor, therapist, specialist or something similar, you can consult with this doctor in advance whether a massage can cause problems that may disrupt your treatment.
If you are unable to attend, you must cancel your appointment MINIMUM 12 HOURS before the start. Telephone: Anja 06-28770946 or Arthur 06-28770947. The costs for an appointment that has not been canceled or that are canceled too late will be charged.
When you have a good feeling about it yourself, you can just get a massage if you are pregnant.
The massage practice is not liable for damage, loss or theft of personal belongings.
Smoking is not permitted in our practice.
Before the start of your first massage treatment, we ask you a number of questions to gain insight into your medical and sporting data. When in doubt about the treatment of an existing condition, the masseur has the right to stop the treatment and refer you to a doctor. If your doctor agrees, you can of course make a follow-up appointment.
You must inform us of any use of medication, treatment by a doctor, therapist or specialist before the start of the massage. In a number of cases an adjustment of the treatment is necessary.
We cannot provide treatment to clients with a post-traumatic or pathological condition. You can go to a physiotherapist without an appointment.