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Choose a duo massage and enjoy an ultimate customised treatment together with your great love, a dear family member or a good friend. Sharing is caring!


The Founders

“Clenz” was originally founded in Amsterdam by husband and wife Arthur van Eldik and Anja Eckhoff. Arthur was diagnosed with hepatitis C and on the verge of liver failure with liver value of nearly 3500 (which should be between 30 and 40). Specialists and doctors were skeptical, if he could survive this. They suggested a type of chemotherapy that had little hope of success. At the same time Anja discovered the “Biocleanse” machine made by an American scientist. Desperate for an alternative solution, they decided to purchase the Biocleanse detox foot bath to treat the hepatitis C. The result was a liver with healthy low levels! They have now opened a new clinic in Roermond, where they offer their practical experiences of more than 15 years in the detox and wellness industry. Call for more information or pass by to the clinic to see if we can help you support your health.

  • Sleep deeper, wake up rested
  • More energy during the day
  • Experience less stress and tension
  • More balance between sense & feeling
  • Very helpful with intestinal complaints, various skin complaints & more
Detox Footbath Sleep deeper, wake up rested, More energy during the day, Experience less stress and tension, More balance between sense & feeling, Very helpful with intestinal complaints, various skin complaints & more

Opening hours

Tuesday ~ Saturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Sint Christoffelstraat 16

Roermond, The Netherlands 6041 JS

Anja: +31628770946

Arthur: +31628770947