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The BioCleanse Ionic Detox foot bath can be used for therapists, personal trainers, private, spas and detox routines clinics. BioCleanse Ionic foot baths have been used by many people for many years as part of their detox routine. Some of the reported experiences include a greater sense of well-being, improved sleep, increased vitality, pain and stress relief, and symptomatic relief of swollen and painful joints. A foot bath session is an external method that can help in detoxing and eliminating natural waste. The Bio Cleanse unit settings are: arthritis, fibromyalgia, pathogens, parasites, Schumann and relaxation. You receive Rife frequencies at the same time and benefit from the Bio Cleanse charge and Ionization.

The module supplies an electrical current to the water in the footwell. This low-level current produces metal in the series and the water and salt from the foot bath generates negative and positively charged ions. The negative ions move through the body to attach themselves to toxic substances with an opposite charge. Most toxins in our body have a positive charge, so they are neutralized and then pulled out of the body by osmosis because of their attraction to the ion field in the spa water.

The BioCleanse can help cells to stabilize so that physiological functions can work at an optimal level. This can help restore the immune system. The negative ions can raise your pH to a more alkaline level, which is thought to help fight many types of diseases. Your BioCleanse foot cleaning also contains many frequencies that are designed to meet certain conditions.

The BioCleanse foot bath comes with pre-timed sequences, including cancer, fibromyalgia, arthritis, parasites, pathogens and relaxation, each with 31 different frequencies. All are considered as Rife Frequencies. The timed settings have one frequency everywhere and the Schumann setting has the Schumann frequency throughout the series.

  • Input: 110/220 V retreated to 24V with an adapter (included)
    Power cord: North American or any type as required (they are interchangeable)
    Output: 24 V or approximately 5 Amps. We have a current limiter inline to reduce the output to a maximum of 2.4 amps.
    Water module: two included. Each delivers 90 – 100 for 30 minutes. sessions
    Warranty: 5 years for the unit, 2 years for the power supply and 30 days for the module. Warranty is not transferable.
  • Main control unit
    Power cord – One end with a plug for your adapter, the other end with a plug for your outlet.
    Adapter – The black, rectangular, heavy-duty device with one cord to connect to the power outlet on the back of your main control unit. The adapter converts your alternating current to a 24 V direct current so that the main control unit functions properly.
    Water Modules – Two included. These are the submersible units that are equipped with an RCA plug to connect to one of the two RCA connectors on the front of your main control unit.

Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily during your treatment sessions and up to one week after your sessions. Your cleansing sessions distribute damaged cells in your body and the water you drink will flush these cells, other toxins and heavy metals out of your body.

It is recommended that you use your BioCleanse machine only every other day for only 20 – 40 minutes and only for a maximum of two weeks at a time. After the two-week sessions, you must take a week without any BioCleanse sessions so that your body cells can rejuvenate. You have just completed a rigorous change in the cells of your body that will still wash away from your body. Make sure you also drink a lot of water during the “off” week, because your body is still detoxifying.

he BioCleanse machine is an experimental therapeutic device. It is advisable to consult your authorized representative or health professional before using this equipment. Please note that you accept all risks associated with the use of the BioCleanse machine. Carefully review all instructions provided with this equipment before you begin a BioCleanse session. This description is only intended for general information and educational purposes. The information contained herein has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to cure, prevent disease, or prescribe or use for diagnosis.

The product can be returned within 30 days of receipt. There is a surcharge of 5% for restock. Shipping costs will not be returned. Modules / arrays cannot be returned and the retail costs of the arrays are deducted from the reimbursement amount. The customer must return the device at the customer’s expense. The device must be in perfect condition without scratches or defects, in the original box with all paperwork and accessories. Extra costs arise if the device is returned with damage or not in the original packaging with paperwork. Returns are not permitted after 30 days. Must be stamped no later than 30 days after the date of receipt. Before returning, the customer must call for an RMA #.