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Detoxification of your body largely takes place through your skin, without counting your lungs. Because our body contains up to 80% water, it only makes sense that water plays a major role in this process. The Detox foot bath functions by activating the cells and improving your metabolism. All organs are rendered harmless and all of these help the body to restore health, improve immunity and eradicate pathogens … this results in a renewal of body and mind.


You immerse your feet in a foot bath with warm water. The biocleanse detox foot bath unit is set to the correct time settings and ionization levels. Then you sit back and relax for 45 minutes as the biocleanse foot bath begins to extract toxins from the entire body, including the kidneys and liver, stimulating their ability to detoxify and improve your body. Customers are advised to drink enough water to help make the elimination easier and more comfortable.


Electric current flows through a set of plates in the water module that is immersed in the water in the foot bath. The foot bath water is added with sea salt, so it has the mineral concentration of water from the ocean. Water molecules are split into hydrogen and oxygen under the influence of a certain voltage. The negative ions that are released during this process neutralize the toxic free radicals in your body that help the cells rejuvenate.


Some people may experience a slight tickling or tingling sensation of the ionic Detox foot bath in their feet. After detoxing, your body is better equipped to stop other toxins, viruses and harmful substances. The foot bath also activates the body’s lymphatic system, which helps with lasting detoxification for 24 to 48 hours after a session. It is suggested that you start with a total of 10 sessions over a 3-5 week period to maximize detoxification.

I can highly recommend Arthur's Deep Tissue & Stone massage!!! It was Amazing!!! One of the best massages I've ever had!! The warm Stones are Glorious!! It was so relaxing & I felt he loosened up some tight muscles so I am very Grateful!!! Thanks Arthur, it was Awesome!!!!!!


I had a facial and it was amazing! my face feels soooo smooth now! Thanks again!


De Bio cleance is een super apparaat ,het geeft geweldige verlichting bij vermoeidheid als je jezelf voorbij loopt en zeker bij ongemakken zoals fibromyalgie etc geeft het veel verlichting.Ik heb het apparaat zelf aangeschaft en wil ook graag andere mensen helpen.ik zit in het uiterste zuiden van het land en met de kennis van Arthur en Anja hoop ik u ook te kunnen helpen Groetjes van Ellie Penders uit Geleen


Is geen massage maar een experience. De detox is ook zeker een aanrader. Je kunt niet in betere handen zijn.


I had the hot stone massage with Arthur and it was brilliant. Highly recommend Clenz as it was one of the best massage treatments i have ever had. I have a 1 year old and had a few knots here and there but he was able to get rid of the "bumpy road" in one session. The oils also smell amazing. I hope to be back again soon! Thanks heaps


Super (stoel)massage van Arthur gehad. En detox voetenbad van Anja. Wat een fijne en kundige mensen zijn Anja en Arthur. Een echte aanrader.


I always enjoyed my visit to Anja and Arthur’s spa while still located in Amsterdam. They were Pioneers and introduced the detox footbath in Holland. With the footbath came holistic philosophy and the production of healthy snacks. Clients if the footbath were always served spectacular natural crackers made by Anja and Arthur. They also produced a special juice of which I can not recollect the name. They are very dedicated and involved. They really care about their customers which often become friends.


Fijne mensen die hun vak goed beheersen! Na een behandeling voel je je herboren


Anja was very accurate with her findings and could really point out what was unknowingly happening to my body. I found out that all the emotional (stress) really had a negative impact on my body, which I could not see before. Also, I had a lot of trouble with my energy level and after several cleanses I have noticed that gradually my energy level was coming back. It was a good lesson for me to really look after my own body and especially to the negative processes which you can not see from the outside. Now as an owner of the Bio Cleanse machine I am still using it to maintain my body health and it is really good for helping my body get rid of stress from work and all those negative emotions which my body holds on to.



Both frequency systems, discovered by the American scientist Royal Raymond Rife and the German physicist W.O. Schumann, their proven to be the effective methods for combating pathogens and stimulating the self-healing properties of the body.


The water reacts to the electrical voltage and a magnetic field. It will discolour even if you don’t put your feet in it. As soon as you put your feet in, the water will reach a much more intense color, partly as a result of the toxins leaving your body. The final color of the water depends on the level of toxins in your body. However, the effect of the released energy at cell level and your bio-energetic field is much more important for the detoxification process.


The energy fields that the device produces balance the energy field of your body and stimulate the natural functions of your body. This process is called bio-charging. The Biocleanse unit is the only Detox foot bath that has these functions and is safe to use.


Yes, touching does not affect treatment and is in no way harmful to the body. However, we recommend that you exercise as little as possible during treatment. Allowing the water module to do its job makes it easier to find and identify the toxins


They are created by the chemical reaction that splits the hydrogen and oxygen molecules.


By setting different settings on a number of frequencies, the Biocleanse unit can provide relief in the case of arthritis, fibromyalgia, hepatic dysfunction, pathogens, parasite relaxtion, Schuman / Rife. Biocleanse foot baths have also been proven to be effective against low energy, stress, depression, anxiety, pain, colds and flu.